Rent Canoe 3 hours

At our hotel you can rent kayaks ''sit on top', single-seater, double and for the whole family!

'Sit on top'' means open kayaks, very stable and irreplaceable... perfect if you climb on the medium for the first time.

  • Perfect for beginner also
  • waterproof bags for phone avaiable
  • 100% of ticket price Refund, with cancellation up to 24 hours before
  • 100% of ticket price Refound for bad weather conditions
Duration3 Hours

Further information

Rent a kayak and discover the Trasimeno!

You can choose from many single-seater, double and family kayaks!

We provide to give you life jackets. It will still be possible to leave backpacks and bags on the ground because the area is always guarded during your experience.

From our beach it is allowed to reach the Polvese Island also independently, it is 1.6km which is usually covered in 25-35 minutes

Kayak 2+2 = Kayak with 2 seat for adults + 2 seats for children (4-7 yo). This kayak is also good to be used like a 3 seats with 3 adults also!

Choose your preferred appointment and book.